Concert Dakka Skanks : Uk Ska Ska Dub à Marseille le 21 avril 2018

21 samedi avril 2018


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Plus d'infos sur le concert Dakka Skanks : Uk Ska Ska Dub à Marseille 6è arrondissement

It all started when Clara did a cover in a class of the notorious ?Ghost Town' and her haunting vocals inspired Henry to approach to start any sort of project. Not long after, Josh got recruited when the pair went down to a local open mic night where he was playing his solo work. After drinks and plenty of music chat the trio decided to start Dakka Skanks. Josh's gypsy influenced style complemented the ska/dubby/punky concoction that had already taken shape and we think this just adds to the unique vibe that we've created.

Dakka Skanks was made out of 5 peoples collective love of an iconic British identity and we won't stop until the whole world have heard what we have to offer!

en after Massilia Ska city vont explosé le dance floor avec leur set vinyl

21 h


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