Concert Pile ( Indie Rock - Noise Boston ) à Marseille le 3 juin 2020

3 mercredi juin 2020


Le molotov Le molotov

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Plus d'infos sur le concert Pile ( Indie Rock - Noise Boston ) à Marseille

From their earliest days as the solo project of frontman Rick Maguire, Pile have followed an unusual path through a decade in which rock bands have generally receded from the cultural spotlight. Starting out in 2007, in the then thriving Boston DIY scene, the band rapidly became heroes and standard-bearers for their hometown's music community, garnering a cultish-adoration that has only intensified as that cult has grown, expanding by word of mouth along the Eastern seaboard and across the country over 10 years that have seen 6 full length albums and 100s of shows in basements, bars, punk houses and clubs.

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