Concert The Choices (jenny Woo) à Marseille le 16 décembre 2021

Plus d'infos sur le concert The Choices (jenny Woo) à Marseille

Le Molotov présente :


The Choices is a '77 punk rock and power pop-infused female-fronted sensation. The band originated in January 2019 in the suburbs of Paris, a collaboration between French and Canadian lovers of The Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Stooges, and The Exploding Hearts and more. The sound mimics the low-fi, raw energy riffs of 1970s pure punk, while the harmonies and lyrics are greatly inspired by stories of love and life.

The band released his first EP “Owner of My Heart” in november 2019 on Randale Records.

If you're looking for catchy refrains, rockn'roll riffs and punk rock attitudes – the choice is yours. Long live The Choices!